Friday, 9 August 2013

Sharing the love with Crystal Thomas

How long has Orange Grove Markets been in your life?

We have been going to the markets for as long as they've been there.  I remember when it was a few hay bales and some organic just kept growing!

Are you one of those "got the list, fly in, fly out" type of shoppers or do you like to make a it slow and easy, embracing life, the universe and everything type of experiences

My parents are the ultimate planners.  They go armed with green bags and list.  First is the fruit and veg near the entrance, then the egg stall, then yoghurt from the stall behind the buskers.

My mum then gets a goat's milk smoothie and they head home (across the road), drop off all their goodies and head back to the markets.

My Mum loves to browse all the clothe stalls and my Dad flees (he hates shopping!) and joins the infamous queue for the ultimate bacon & egg roll.

Is there an absolute must-buy every week item and why

A chilli latte from Mayan Coffee, to consume while watching the pony rides and the awesome Inner West multi-tasking Dads - who hold 5 bags, 2 bacon & egg rolls and still manage to film their kids on the ponies while the Mums have a much deserved break with their least that is what I have observed!

Do you have an all time number one favourite recipe made with produce from our markets and are you prepared to share it or would you have to kill us first!

Yes I do!!! It's a raw cabbage salad:
  • 1/2 a cabbage (white or savoy)
  • several birds eye chilli (depending on how you feel about spice)
  • several garlic cloves
  • several French eschalots
  • a lemon
  • olive oil
  • salt & pepper

Finely slice the cabbage and put into a heat-proof bowl.  Chop the chilli, garlic and eschalot, then put them in a pan with a generous amount of olive oil. Cook on medium heat until transparent/golden and turn off the heat.  Squeeze desired amount of lemon juice, add to them to the pan immediately (before the olive oil cools down).  Tip the mixture on to the raw cabbage and mix through.

The heat from the mixture softens the cabbage without cooking it.  

Serve!!!!  It's crunchy an delicious and goes really well with a piece of meat or fish or boiled potatoes to soak up the juices.

this is NOT a photo of the recipe but it's so beautiful 
and made with produce from the markets we simply HAD to include it!

If you had to sum up the Orange Grove Market Inner Westie Saturday ritual in 5 words, what would they be?

Vibrant, community-spirited, delicious and heart-warming!

And with that we thank Crystal for sharing not just her love and photos but an AMAZING recipe!  We think it needs to be tested and tasted sooner rather than later

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