Friday, 16 August 2013

Arlington's: the place where Sago meets Coconuts

Can you give us a little bit of history as to the beginnings of what is now a well entrenched fave Orange Grove Market institution known as Arlington's

Arlington's started out as a fruit & veg/gourmet food store in Seaforth 23 years ago. During this time the brains of the operation (Peter Arlington) created a range of yummy hommus dips to sell at the shop.

The demand grew to the point that we were supplying other shops around Sydney and the range or products grew to include tapioca & yoghurt.

With the huge workload something had to give and we eventually sold the shopfront 3 years ago.  And we haven't looked back since.....

So how long have Arlington's been part of the Orange Grove Market family

At least 3 years

From personal experience, we know that you can't simply stop at buying just "one". What has been the biggest turnover of a single item in a single market day

Thai Chilli Lime Hommus wins every time at both (yep, luckily Arlington's also do our Frenchs Forest Market on a Sunday)....especially at Christmas!

The coconuts are to be seen absolutely everywhere in Summer.  Where do you source these from and why do you think they are the "bomb", so to speak

The coconuts are sourced from Thailand and are the "bomb" because they are the best drink available to rehydrate, while being low in calories, and full of nutrients.  (They are especially helpful with the dreaded weekend hangover!)

What is it about Orange Grove Markets that makes it what it is

Being a family of music lovers, we always enjoy having a spot next to the musicians at Orange Grove!


And there you have it.  A teeny insight in to the phenomena known as Arlington's and trust us when we say, there will be no way you can walk away without purchasing at least two of their yummies.

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