Friday, 27 September 2013

5 questions with Arawaki

How did you initially become involved with selling Arawaki

I have always loved this type of handcrafted jewellery and every time I went back to South America I would always return with new pieces.

People started to notice and their reaction was always very nice and wanted to know where they could buy them.  At that stage there wasn't anywhere....until now!

These unique stunning pieces are not only Fair Trade but also Eco-Friendly and created sustainably.  Where do you source these from

This is a family business where my sisters and nieces who live in South America are in charge of the initial selection.  They source from local cooperatives, send me pictures and I choose according to what I feel will appeal to my customers.

Sometimes I don't get it quite right but then the good thing is I get to keep the stock that doesn't sell!

As you sit there quietly and let these items "speak", how have you found the shoppers at market reacting to them

It's funny to watch reactions: some people know exactly what they want and the decision is made very quickly, and others get so carried away with the variety they can't make up their minds!

I had a customer who could not decide on what she wanted and ended up leaving, then just as the markets were about to close, I saw her running towards me saying "can I still get one?? I know what I want now!"  Too cute

What would be one of your bigger selling items you've had so far

Actually I sell all my stock quite well, but anything orange sells first...seems to be the colour of the moment (nb: fitting given Paula sells at Orange Grove Market don't you think?)

How would you describe life as a stallie at Orange Grove Markets

I absolutely love Orange Grove Markets.  If has a great energy, all the stallholders are nice and it's got a great community feeling.



And we LOVE Paula.   All you have to do is find her sitting quietly with her beautiful pieces and then the rest is up to you.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Ode to Roberto and the Mayan Team

We recently published a "sharing the love" blog with Crystal.  Such is her devotion to Roberto and the Mayan Coffee team she wrote her own "ode" which we thought was too nice not to include somewhere!

Living on Fitzroy Street in St Kilda (Melbourne) I have an abundance of cafes close by.

I have a few favourite cafes within a few meters of my house, but I still long for my Saturday morning coffee ritual back home in Sydney.

Originally from Sydney, I stay with my parents in Lilyfield (in Sydney's Inner West) often.

Across the road from my parents house is Orange Grove Farmer's Market held every Saturday.  

It is a Saturday morning tradition to shop there for veges and food for the week

and then head to the Guatemalan coffee stall before returning home armed with coffee and newspaper.

We then spend a few hours lazing out on my parents deck, soaking up the sun, sipping our coffee and reading the paper.

One of the most exciting discoveries was the Guatemalan chilli latte from this coffee stall (aka Mayan Coffee).  Now there's a way to wake up!  I became friends with the people who run the stall and watched intently as they prepared this punchy, aromatic morning brew.

They first finely slice a red bird's eye chilli and place a few slices in the filter.  They then fill it with freshly ground coffee, and as the coffee brews the oil from the chilli is released.  It is a pungent, spicy and full body kick, latte style to take the edge off the chilli bite.


We thank Crystal for this great little bit of writing and we dedicate to the Mayan Coffee mob and feel that if you too want to get a chilli kick then go and try.  We can personally attest to it!

Friday, 13 September 2013

Sharing some Orange Grove love with Amanda

How long have you been a fan of the Saturday delight of Orange Grove Markets

I have been going to and a BIG fan of Orange Grove Markets for about 2 years now.

What is it about these markets that keeps you coming back

The atmosphere!  The amazing stallholders and their fresh organic produce.  The quality and freshness of the produce is wonderful.  I love knowing that the fruit/vegetables I buy on each Saturday came off the tree only a few days (or the day) before!.

I used to travel to "another" organic market previous to discovering Orange Grove Markets and I have to say although they are "nice", they aren't a patch on Orange Grove!  Having lived in the Inner West for many years, I can't believe that I didn't now about them sooner!

I also like the people who come to the markets - everyone on the same page wanting to cook and eat with the freshest and healthiest produce they can.  No matter how crowded or how many times my toes might accidentally be run over with a trolley brimming with clean and healthy goodness, there is always a smile and an apology for not seeing your tootsies.

Do you have a favourite stallie whom you simply can't not buy from each week, and if so, who and why

Yes, I have my favourites:
  • Frank @ Frank's peaches
  • Nick @ BBQ Aroma
  • Lyssandra's Fruit & Veggies
  • R&G Williams Mangrove Mountain Flower Growers
  • Organic Culture
  • Growers Direct to U
  • Totally Juiced
  • Bowen's Egg & Bacon Rolls
  • Chinese Dim Sum King

They always look after me with a smile and some friendly banter.  The friendly stallies makes the atmosphere!

I visit these stalls each Saturday market without fail as well as meandering through the markets sampling and buying tasty goodies from the other stallholders.

Has this love of our markets spilled into the worlds of those around you or do you like to use it as a "time out" solo expedition

Religiously, rain, hail or shine, each Saturday I set my alarm clock early so I can get to the markets on time before all the goodies are picked over.  It's a ritual that only something major can deviate me from!

My parents now go along to the markets as well and they too have fallen in love with the markets' amazing atmosphere and friendly market go-ers and growers.  I have quite a few friends who live in the Inner West and are local to Orange Grove Markets and they too now visit the markets.

I love going home after the markets to pack my fridge full of organic goodness and stand back to admire all the beautiful colours of the produce and ponder on what delicacies I can cook that week.

I enjoy going t the markets with friends or family but solo expeditions are a necessity! After a hectic week at work there is nothing better than arriving at the markets to wonder what delights await and what friends I might bump into doing their Saturday morning shop.

I imagine that I could be anywhere in the world enveloped in the market crowds and enjoy walking around each corner to see what treats await!

Plus, a solo expedition also allows me to spend as much time as I want soaking up the atmosphere.

If you had to use 5 words to embody Orange Grove Markets, what would they be

  1. Vibrant
  2. Fresh
  3. Inspiring
  4. Healthy
  5. FUN!


And on that extraordinarily high note we would like to thank Amanda for not only loving our markets with a passion, but being one of those amazing shoppers who come to market rain hail or shine! 

Reckon there is something in that for all of us don't you think?

ps: couldn't not share some of Amanda's photos either THAT'S how much we appreciate her!

Friday, 6 September 2013

5 Questions with Erkut & Putrino's

When did Putrino's make their debut at Orange Grove Markets

G & M Putrino have been at Orange Grove for 10 years and for me personally, I have been here for about 4 years

Not only is your produce totally delicious, you are constantly busy which is excellent for any stallholder.  What is about being part of the market community that separates it from a retail outlet or a supermarket chain.

Always having loads quality fresh produce at hand and loads of people each with their unique personality

As your produce grows so does your stall size. From set up to packdown, from picking up produce to arriving at market.  It is not a life for the faint-hearted.  When does your day actually start and after all is said and done, what time do you finally get home and put your feet up to relax.

Very early start leaving home at 3am, then its off to the farm to collect the truck which is packed with market produce

with thanks to the BBQ Aroma King for allowing us to use this photo of the stallie dawn arrival 

Market done and finally pack down complete, I get home about 5pm

Whatever the weather you are at market.  We absolutely appreciate it and we KNOW for a fact that the shoppers do also.  What has been the biggest sale at any market in one day

We always make sure we show up in any weather because we know our customers rely on us being there and we absolutely appreciate that they come out whatever the weather.

Some days we do incredibly well and sell totally out.  But when the weather ain't that great obviously it's a bit slower but fortunately for us, it's not that often.

It's hard to put a figure on best seller because our costs and produce change according to season and weather.

For anyone who has yet to discover the delights of your Orange Grove goodies, what 5 words would you use to get em in and have a sample

Come and have a taste!


You heard the man....get in and have a taste!