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From Silvia - Gluten Free Cuisine

Gluten Free Cuisine has been a part of (and more importantly) a firm favourite of our markets for many years.  What first inspired you to start experimenting with recipes that were gluten free but still yummy at the same time

My daughter was diagnosed with an intolerance to preservatives, all those years ago now, and we began a journey of creating "loved" foods with NO added preservatives (or "no numbers" as we like to put it), thickeners or additives.  With a background in research, it was not long before we recognised there was a need for great tasting QUALITY foods that could be made readily available to the many with special dietary requirements, intolerances, or simply wanted to eat well with and enjoying great tasting foods!

You have a few "signature" pieces (eg: lemon meringue pie being top of the pops).  As you do 3 of our markets (Hornsby on Thursdays, Orange Grove on Saturdays and Frenchs Forest on Sundays), is there a particular favourite per location or are they as equally popular no matter which postcode you are at

Good question!  We seem to sell across the range pretty much throughout the year at every market we do.  Over the years we have built a fantastic relationship with our customers and we are a weekly "one stop shop" for many - across our Freshly Baked Artisan Organic Breads (all soy free, dairy free, canola free, animal fat free)

Savoury offerings such as Handmade Fresh Pasta, Classic Pesto and of course our Sweet Treats.

Actually our range has evolved based on our customer waitlist, including more dairy free options, larger celebration cakes and the latest offerings are our NUT FREE Organic Banana Bread & Cookies: All Gluten Free!

There is no denying market life can be trying at times, particularly when the weather doesn't play nicely; yet you are always there with a smile, rain, hail or shine, which not only do we appreciate but we KNOW your customers do as well.  What has been one of the more memorable experiences of market life for you

We have so many memorable moments & experiences: all so special in their own ways. We received a text from a customer just before Easter last year saying his wife was going in to labour and had requested our GF (gluten free) DF (dairy free) Hot Cross Buns and please save him one, he was on the way!

Over the years, it has been our privilege to be part of families as they prepare to welcome precious new borns with weekly Lamingtons to help them on the way, then of course we get to create Special Celebration Cakes.  

We have created Signature Wedding Cakes and  that Special Birthday Cake for the 90 years young whose special request is the Lemon Meringue (of course!), and for it to be large enough for her 90 guests!!!

We get called upon for that Bespoke Catering that meets special dietary requirements and more frequently provide GF (gluten free) WF (wheat free) NF (nut free) treats for the school lunch boxes!

From your personal stance, what is it about markets like ours that play a pivotal role in the local community

We love that our customers are able to purchase products from us that are literally hours from leaving the oven.  It is so special to get to know our customers who eat our food, to hear their stories, their sincere appreciation for what we make and to know we can really make a difference.  Our customers in turn love to hear our stories too.

The pivotal role in the local community (as you put it) is that markets provide for that quintessential experience of what nurtures people socially, and communities economically and all this whilst providing produce straight from the producers.

How would you sum up the world of Gluten Free Cuisine in 5 words

Dedicated Gluten Free for Everyone!


Fantastic story behind a firmly entrenched, much loved and ever evolving producer of all things Gluten Free.  Swing by and say a massive "Hi" to Sylvia and her team every Saturday and trust us, from what we have seen..the sweet treats are getting more delicious by the week!