Friday, 27 September 2013

5 questions with Arawaki

How did you initially become involved with selling Arawaki

I have always loved this type of handcrafted jewellery and every time I went back to South America I would always return with new pieces.

People started to notice and their reaction was always very nice and wanted to know where they could buy them.  At that stage there wasn't anywhere....until now!

These unique stunning pieces are not only Fair Trade but also Eco-Friendly and created sustainably.  Where do you source these from

This is a family business where my sisters and nieces who live in South America are in charge of the initial selection.  They source from local cooperatives, send me pictures and I choose according to what I feel will appeal to my customers.

Sometimes I don't get it quite right but then the good thing is I get to keep the stock that doesn't sell!

As you sit there quietly and let these items "speak", how have you found the shoppers at market reacting to them

It's funny to watch reactions: some people know exactly what they want and the decision is made very quickly, and others get so carried away with the variety they can't make up their minds!

I had a customer who could not decide on what she wanted and ended up leaving, then just as the markets were about to close, I saw her running towards me saying "can I still get one?? I know what I want now!"  Too cute

What would be one of your bigger selling items you've had so far

Actually I sell all my stock quite well, but anything orange sells first...seems to be the colour of the moment (nb: fitting given Paula sells at Orange Grove Market don't you think?)

How would you describe life as a stallie at Orange Grove Markets

I absolutely love Orange Grove Markets.  If has a great energy, all the stallholders are nice and it's got a great community feeling.



And we LOVE Paula.   All you have to do is find her sitting quietly with her beautiful pieces and then the rest is up to you.

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