Friday, 20 September 2013

Ode to Roberto and the Mayan Team

We recently published a "sharing the love" blog with Crystal.  Such is her devotion to Roberto and the Mayan Coffee team she wrote her own "ode" which we thought was too nice not to include somewhere!

Living on Fitzroy Street in St Kilda (Melbourne) I have an abundance of cafes close by.

I have a few favourite cafes within a few meters of my house, but I still long for my Saturday morning coffee ritual back home in Sydney.

Originally from Sydney, I stay with my parents in Lilyfield (in Sydney's Inner West) often.

Across the road from my parents house is Orange Grove Farmer's Market held every Saturday.  

It is a Saturday morning tradition to shop there for veges and food for the week

and then head to the Guatemalan coffee stall before returning home armed with coffee and newspaper.

We then spend a few hours lazing out on my parents deck, soaking up the sun, sipping our coffee and reading the paper.

One of the most exciting discoveries was the Guatemalan chilli latte from this coffee stall (aka Mayan Coffee).  Now there's a way to wake up!  I became friends with the people who run the stall and watched intently as they prepared this punchy, aromatic morning brew.

They first finely slice a red bird's eye chilli and place a few slices in the filter.  They then fill it with freshly ground coffee, and as the coffee brews the oil from the chilli is released.  It is a pungent, spicy and full body kick, latte style to take the edge off the chilli bite.


We thank Crystal for this great little bit of writing and we dedicate to the Mayan Coffee mob and feel that if you too want to get a chilli kick then go and try.  We can personally attest to it!