Friday, 23 August 2013

Sharing the love with Brona

When did you first discover the joys known as Orange Grove Market

I've known about Orange Grove Markets for about 5 years but only visited for the first time last year when both our boys had finally turned 12 and their weekend sport commitments shifted from Saturdays to Sundays....leaving Saturdays free for marketing!

What is it about these markets that makes it stand out from others

My first visit last year was memorable.  I walked from Birchgrove early one sunny wintry morning.  The markets were already buzzing.

The stallholders were happy friendly and happy for me to taste their wares.  There was a colourful bustle of activity and aromas.  I quickly realised that future visits would require me to pack more carry bags into my backpack for my return trip home!

Is there a "simply must have to have, can't not buy" item and if so, why

My "must" items change depending on the season because my big love is the organic seasonal produce.  At the moment i love the rhubarb


and broccoli.

I usually buy a dozen eggs, some meat for the BBQ, a bunch of flowers (the proteas are amazing right now)

and occasionally some potted herbs or succulents.  I also love the smoked salmon packs as a treat.

When you swing by is it a solo or group expedition

Most of the time I walk up by myself.  I love the early morning quiet time to myself at the end of another busy week.  Occasionally my husband joins me on the walk for a lovely long chat about life, the universe and everything (and OFM knows the answer to THAT question is 42!!)....including our next week's menu!

For anyone who has yet to be introduced to the Saturday Morning Ritual known as Orange Grove Markets, what 5 words of encouragement would you use

Vibrant, colourful, aromatic, fresh eclectic


And on that high note we say a MASSIVE thank you to Brona not only for taking some time to share her love of our markets but for doing couple of amazing pictorial/snap shot blogs which you can check out "here" and "here".


  1. Thanks for the chance to tell everyone how much I love the Orange Grove markets.

    1. absolute pleasure! feel free to add this link to your blog!

  2. Lovely post and I have greatly enjoyed Brona's sharing of images from your grand market!