Friday, 8 November 2013

Hillbilly Cider with Shane & Tessa

Love the branding, love the name!  How, when and why did Hillbilly Cider come in to being

Glad you like the name - it seems to have really resonate with people!  We became "Hillbillies" half a dozen years ago when we moved to an orchard in Bilpin (Blue Mountains) in search of a simpler life.

Shane dug a cellar under the house and turned his wine making skills in to cider making.  He was making cider commercially for a couple of years before we launched Hillbilly so he really fine-tuned the art, so much so we won a bronze medal in the Australian Cider Awards a couple of weeks after launching the company last year.

You have been part of the OFM "family" for a while now.  How did you first find us and how difficult was it initially to get that all important client base started

We've always loved going to farmers markets ourselves.  We first came across Orange Grove Markets from a customer's point of view!

We had a great reception with our cider and wines at both markets and we always look forward to seeing our customers each week.

It can feel a bit remote where we live in the mountains so we love loading up the ute with cider and heading to market for a good bit of social interaction!

What has been a stand out moment for you at Orange Grove Market

Selling out of all stock the day we launched Hillbilly Cider!

You were recently featured in a magazine spread.  Incredibly satisfying and absolute positive reinforcement that you have "made the dream" a reality.  Where do you source your products from and are they sourced in an eco-friendly way.

Our cider is made from 100% Aussie apples: no concentrates or artificial flavours.  We use local invented apples by our neighbour, Bill Shields.

Our ciders are made completely naturally, unpasteurised, no added sugar or concentrates and fermented under pressure to allow use to bottle with a natural bubble without needing to add CO2.

In 5 words, how would you sum up Orange Grove Markets from the marketeer viewpoint

Orange Grove has GREAT customers!


We could NOT end this piece on the wonderful Bilpin'ers (aka Hillbilly Cider'ers) without showing the art of recycling to its maximum potential and if that doesn't encourage you to sup a bit of cider at next market's just not cricket is it!

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