Friday, 29 November 2013

5 Questions with Soul Design

How did Soul Design make its way in to the world of Linda?

Love that question!  

Living in Singapore, just finished Bachelor of Business, wanted to share the intricate arts of India: my adventure land where my hubby's family originated from, and needed to utilise what I had learned in my Business Degree.

When I decided on a name that was it!  What I do and what is crafted which I sell, has the utmost attention to detail.

Unique and beautifully made: Yep!  I'm ready to fly!

The flowers are absolutely extraordinarily beautiful (with the bonus that they simply last forever!). What materials are they made with and are they eco-friendly

Well they don't last forever but they last for a very long time: 2 months to 3 years depending upon the environment.

Our flowers are hand made and hand painted (they really are a piece of art) to be able to get them to look so like a real flower. They are amazing or "unreal" as some of our clients call them.   

There are a few different materials used to make the flowers.  The flowers that "feel" real are made from a technological fabric similar to latex.  There are also hand-painted silks and mixed fabrics such as the magnolias which are a fave at Orange Grove Markets)

So many people who have magnolia trees in their gardens have bought magnolia gems from me to place inside their homes.  One told me that they had visitors who thought they (the magnolia gems) had been plucked off a tree!  This happened SO many times that I ended up buying a magnolia tree to put in my garden do to the same.

Unfortunately the tree didn't survive...I think it needs sunshine?!  Hence I officially became a member of a club created by one of my OG clients known as The Black Thumb Club!

Eco friendly? I believe so.  They are made by hand and are an artwork at that.  They last beautifully long, having flowers in your home that don't need to be replaced for months (or even years!) HAS to be a plus for the environment.

While you were at another of our markets you received some pretty good on-air publicity from a certain "shock-jock", not once, not twice but on quite a few occasions.  How did that all come about?

I promise I didn't pay a cent!  Just had the pleasure of sharing flowers with someone who appreciated them and how just happened to be famous!  BUT!! I have to be honest: at first I didn't recognise him.  The thought did cross my mind "he looks like...."

In all honesty I couldn't believe it actually.  After he left with his beautiful bouquet of well chosen flowers, a couple of my SBE's confirmed this shock-jock's identity.  I have to say it was a pleasure meeting him.

this is not said purchase by the shock-jock 
but a stunning custom display 
for the "Alexander the Great" Exhibition at The Australian Museum 

After his first "plug" I felt privileged that he talked on-air about the flowers.  Obviously he likes them but how nice was that!!!!  Needless to say he returned to that particular market for more.

He is actually quite humble and when I thanked him for mentioning the flowers on-air (this time me knowing I was actually talking to) he replied: "Why?". So I told him that it meant a lot to me personally and I wanted to thank him.

I know that he doesn't necessarily come across nicely on air, but I have to admit he does a lot of good.

What has been one of the most fulfilling parts of market life

I initially thought that going to market would be short lived for me.  Three years on and it's a lot more than could be imagined.  Many probably think that market life means putting up a tent, a table, a table cloth and your wares.

It's sooo much more than meets the eye.

Going to market is an amazing experience.  My highlight is the people you meet. Everyone is in a good mood, the live music is playing, the people are swaying and enjoying the day.

First you get greeted by the "Market Manager of the Year" (Jim), then by the wonderful wholesome stallies Lucy and Brydie (best tapioca), Glenn (the goat cheese man with the blue eggs which are divine), Michelle (organic t-shirt designs).

Then the regulars start to wander by "Hi Linda!". Everyone tries to know everyone by name, customers included.  

It's a community.....a GREAT community.  Every week, rain, hail or shine, the customers come and say Hi.  It is really quite special.

In 5 words, how would you sum up Orange Grove Markets?


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