Friday, 12 July 2013

5 Questions with Sonoma Baking Company

Can you give us a little bit of history as to Sonoma and its origins

Sonoma was born from humble beginnings in 1997 in Bellata, a small country town located in north-central NSW.  It was here that we first set out to create traditional artisan sourdough loaves, baking in a restored abandoned wood-fired oven.

The hard work, integrity and commitment it takes to create each one of our Sourdough loaves followed us here to Sydney, where we continue to bake in the tradition of the Artisan bakers of Northern California that inspired our journey.

Your bread is available at quite a few of our markets both as a stallholder and supplier. Is there a type of bread that is a "best seller" irrespective of the demographic, or in fact is it determined by location, age and season

Both our Soy Linseed and Country White Sourdoughs are definitely staples in professional and home kitchens alike.  We also cannot overlook our signature loaf - the Sonoma Miche.

With its deliciously caramelised crust and moist, malted open crumb it's perfect for sandwiches!

Where do you source your ingredients from, and can you explain how wheat/flour is certified "organic" for those who do not understand fully

All flour used is organically grown, which means the wheat has not been exposed to synthetic pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilisers.

What has been the record number of loaves sold at a single market day

1,400 Sourdough loaves

Early starts for bread baking equates with the freshest and that lovely intoxicating aroma.  How early does the baking process begin for it to be ready in time for market

We begin our baking process early evening to ensure each and every loaf is stone hearth baked to perfection, ready for the morning markets.


An enormous thank you to Sonoma for sharing their time with us and allowing us to include some of their incredible photos for this piece! 

The logo is easily recognisable so make sure to grab a loaf and we reckon that you too will be wholly in love with the loaves once they are tasted : perhaps to the point of raising that incredible record number of sales in one market sitting!

nb: you can also find their bread at Chatswood Market in a Saturday (click "here" for details) and on Sundays at Frenchs Forest Markets (click "here" for details)

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