Friday, 26 July 2013

5 Questions with The Farmgate by Nashdale Fruit Co.

How long as Nashdale been part of the OFM family

About 4.5 years now.  We started out at Marrickville Market first and then joined Orange Grove Market about a year later. 

Your A-frame would have to be up there with one of the singularly most photographed items around the organic universe!  How did the initial design/use come in to play: was it something that was put together as a "make do for now and we'll deal with it later" or was it deliberately planned.

original A-frame

We are always looking for exciting ways to display our produce.  We take great pride in not just how our product tastes, but how it looks as well.  Setting up your stall at each market is an important part for us.

We are always on the look out for different things and came across the A-frame at Marrickville Markets about 4 years ago.  After a month's use it was a bit worse for wear so we decided to build some ourselves.  These are the A-frames we now use.

You are relatively new-comers as producers.  How difficult was the transition from city to country.

Farming has been in my background for generations.  I grew up spending most of my holidays on one of my grandparents farms. My Dad (John) started orcharding when I was about 5 and is still an orchadist today 25 years later.

I started working at the markets with him as soon as I could see over the tables, but they weren't farmers markets back then, just craft-type markets.

Beau and I worked with Dad and ran markets for him on our weekends for about 10 years before Beau decided to give up his "day job", move to the country and try some markets on his own.

Because of the background we already had with the markets and the guidance that Dad gave Beau when he first decided to make the official "tree change" to the farm, it was a much easier transition for us than it would be for many others.

As idyllic as many people think farming looks, it's a lot of hard work and we have definitely had our fair share of issues as well.

What has been one of the record sales of any item at one market

Hmmmm...I'm not sure, after 20+ years of being involved in markets there are many stories!  But we did have one customer come back 5 times to market before Christmas last year.  Each time she came back for more cherries!

The first time was for her household.  She then came back for her neighbours after sharing some over the fence with them.  

Then, after some visiting some relatives went home taking the ones out of her fridge, she came back to restock again....and it continued.  

It was great and such a nice way to end last year.

What has been the most fulfilling part of market life for the Nashdale mob

It would definitely have to be some of the amazing relationships we now have with our customers and other stallholders!  

It is a pleasure to be able to help educate them in what we do and how we do it!  The feedback we receive from our customers and their appreciation is incredible (especially when they show up rainy days to support us) and it makes all the hard work worthwhile.

No arguments here!  From punters to stallies, everyone loves the Nashdale crew and we thank Katie for giving us a little insight in to life on the land and from where we stand, the love that they put in to their crops is reflected not just by the quality of their produce but by returning customers they have week in, week out.

Best bit?  As their branding says "100% Australian Owned and Grown" it, live it, love it.

AND we couldn't resist sharing this gorgeous new "employee" making his first appearance at market

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