Friday, 14 June 2013

Sharing the love of Orange Grove with Alice Gruzman

Judging from the amount of photos that you take, you are a HUGE fan of Orange Grove Markets (for which we thank you!).  When did this love affair start?

We moved to Lilyfield about 2 years ago and have basically being going to Orange Grove Markets every weekend since

What is one item you simply can't not NOT buy at our markets?

I'm sure if i can narrow it down to one item!  I always start with a coffee, my husband treats himself to 2 bacon & egg rolls 

my 2 year old devours a spinach & cheese gozleme

My 3 year old loves the goat's curd as well as the banana bread

and I love the fresh bread and all the amazing fruit & veg.

With all the goodies you purchase, do you have a particular all time "number-one-orange-grove-master-chef-must-have-on-a-regular-basis" recipe using the produce you have bought?

I love raw vegan smoothies for brekkie and Orange Grove Market has all my favourite ingredients: bananas, fresh berries, apples, passion fruit, kale, baby spinach and mint.

Has your love for Orange Grove Markets seeped its way in to the lives of all around you?

My family and friends often meet us at Orange Grove: we bring a picnic rug and set up near the playground so the kids can have a run around and we can enjoy a moment's peace in the sun!

If you had to sum up Orange Grove in 5 words, what would they be

It's hard to summarise the vibe of this amazing market in 5 words!



An enormous THANK YOU to Alice for sharing a bit of her time and love for Orange Grove Markets and for letting us share some of her photos!

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