Friday, 21 June 2013

5 Questions with ARAUCANA

Can you give us a little bit of background as to your starting with and evolution of your product

One of my airline colleagues mentioned that the best rose hip oil in the world came from my home country: Chile.  Shortly after that, one of my Spanish students also mentioned she was using rose hip oil to improve her skin condition.

My childhood memory recollections of the Rosa Mosqueta use (a type of rose hip oil grown in Chile) struck a chord within and I began to research its properties and applications.

I had always been fascinated with the Cosmetics Industry and often wondered how big corporations could get away with charging astronomical prices for pretty packaging and not much else.

The opportunity to start Araucana presented itself in the by way of my redundancy after 25 years within the Travel Industry. I was inspired by the indigenous women of Chile (the Araucanian's) who had been using Mosqueta well before formal scientific studies were done in order to amass (document) its unique attributes. 

I am happy and proud to share with others the exceptional skin-loving properities  of Araucana's organic, unrefined 100% pure Rosa Mosqueta oil.

How long have you been a part of the Orange Grove Market "mob"

We actually started at Riverside Market (Gladesville) around April 2010, then Marrickville and now Orange Grove (which has now for about 2 years).

You are very passionate about your product. What are some of its elements you believe make it stand out from others

Araucana Organic Rosehip Oil is pure.  Do not expect the aroma of rose as it is not perfumed, bleached or mixed with other ingredients.

Araucana Rosehip Oil is a pure vegetable oil, extracted from nature rather formulated in a laboratory.  Some customers have turned to it after having allergic reactions to other rosehip oils and products.

Whilst fragrances and bleaching might make the oil more attractive in the commercial market, it would be at the expense of the oil's effective qualities.

Araucana Oil easily penetrates your skin without leaving (or feeling) a greasy residue. In fact, it's an edible oil thus absolutely safe for the is a natural and wholesome product.

What is about market life that makes it all worthwhile

In short it's the people!  People who come to an organic market are very special.  They are usually well informed and they know a quality product when they see it.

Meeting people and answering their questions has taught me a lot more about my own product!  I have gained knowledge from my customers as to how Araucana can assist in providing relief to those who may suffer from psoriasis, how they (the customers) use Araucana as part of their daily routine and more.

It is so  fulfilling and being able to learn from others which in turn assists not just myself but the growth of my product.

For anyone who has yet to discover the wonders of Araucana, what 5 words would you use to encourage them to swing by your stall and give it a try?

Araucana is fresh, simple, uncomplicated, safe and effective!

As the saying goes "you gotta learn something new every day" and this is yours!  Swing by and say Hi to Marisol and discover for yourselves the wonders of Araucana!

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