Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Farmer's Wife

It's only been in recent times that you have been the "face" of The Farmer's Wife (which we adore!).  How long as The Farmer's Wife been part of the Orange Grove Market community and when did you take over the reins

I've been "The Farmer's Wife" for just over 4 years.  The Farmer's Wife has been part of Organic Food Markets for many years with the original Farmer's Wife being from Mudgee.

Wendy with one of the many loyal The Farmer's Wife fans

What is it about market life that makes it all worthwhile

I love coming to markets and seeing all my lovely customers (young and old) enjoying our produce, especially my jams and chutneys which are all home made by moi!

I love working with other stallholders. Ensuring that the customer is happy with my produce is a fantastic experience and when the sun shines there is no better way to spend a morning!

What has been one of the biggest or bizarre orders of any product you have had to date

I make in total approximately 45 different products and am amazed at the requests for something I don't have/make

Always with a smile and love to share despite/inspite early starts.  From start to finish, how long does it take to stock up/load up and get ready for market day

I try to cook 4 to 5 jams and/or chutneys every day otherwise I can't keep up.  Once a week I collect eggs from the markets and once a month I drive to Mudgee to pick up the best honey you will ever eat! 

It takes approximately 1 hour to drive to Orange Grove Market and 1 hour to set up, but only 30 mins to pack down and then when at home it's time for the ceremonial feet up/cup of tea!

If you could sum up Orange Grove Market in 5 words, what would they be

Great food, atmosphere, customers and happiness!!


We love the, we know YOU love them so huge thanks to Wendy for spending some time and giving us a little bit of insight in to exactly how that Farmer got the Wife!

we couldn't resist putting this sexy new display for The Farmer's Wife...cause it kind of sums her up to a tee: stylish, old fashioned and a permanent fixture in all our lives!

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