Thursday, 24 April 2014

Sharing some Orange Grove love with Serena and Healthy Glow

When did you first discover what is arguably one of the Inner West's top Saturday markets

While living in Leichhardt a few years ago, my interest in healthy living was sparked by a series of health related issues in my life.  I began my quest for fresh organic produce after learning it could have a significant impact on my overall well being.  It only took one visit to Orange Grove and a few meals to get hooked on the flavours and prospect of a new reality. 

I traded in my miserable supermarket experience for the fresh tasty market adventure which held the opportunity to reconnect to my body and soul in every basket full of beautiful fresh food.  I chuckle to myself when I think back to the early days when I'd take one small bag to fill. How things have changed, in more ways than one.

Are you a seriously organised/lists/bags at the ready type shopper or do you like to go with the flow, take your time, sample as you go and surprise yourself with new discoveries type shopper

These days I head to Orange Grove heavily equipped with every shopping bag created, whether it be on wheels or superimposed, with determination in my stride and anticipation for what I might discover this time.  My shopping style is generally relaxed and open unless I'm on a time limit. I always have a good sense of what I want and need but I let the sights and sounds, so to speak, guide me.  

One of the best aspects of market shopping is how the season ultimately determines what you buy and I'm a strong believer that this connection to the Earth and nature is in our best interests.  I'm always keen to try new things and won't say no to a delicious sample.

What is the number one must buy for you and why (if you have more than one that's absolutely fine!  the more the merrier)

It's almost impossible to identify a number one purchase when it comes to my market shop. Of course for a foodie like myself food is my top priority and always organic.  Fresh fruit and vegetables are the stars in my shop but I also love the organic eggs and meat.  

From time to time I buy other goodies such as skin care, jewellery and even clothes.  And without a doubt if I had an outdoor living space, I'd stock up on plants and herbs.  Did I mention flowers? They are a must!

What is it about markets like ours that form a pivotal part of not just the local community 

I could rant and rave for too long about the value of a local community based market but I'll do my best to keep it short.  Any concept that brings people to the outdoors while engaging with each other in purposeful and social conversation with the outcome of connectedness and possible new relationships, is fundamental to any prosperous community.  Added with a focus on real food and general well being that builds the community's awareness about healthy living, and you have the beginnings of what I'd call a revolution in what's fast becoming a highly processed world.  No one can argue that in this day in age we need this more than ever.  Of course you can't over look the support this scenario provides for local farmers and businesses.  

My faith in our intelligence is restored when I notice the growing number of people walking through the gates of Orange Grove. We must remember that as consumers we have the power to create a brighter future for our community.  

How would you sum up the world of Orange Grove Markets in 5 words



We love the philosophy, we love the fact that she loves our markets, and we love that you love to read about her love of our markets and if you aren't's imperitave that you ensure Orange Grove Market becomes YOU'RE favourite place to shop on a Saturday morning!

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