Friday, 25 October 2013

5 questions with Amy

How long have you been an Orange Grove Market shopper and what was it that initially attracted you

I am fairly new to the Orange Grove Market scene but have been a regular for a few months now.  I like that it's weekly, as the markets close to my home are only on monthly, and I think the range of produce and the price point make it indisputably the best way to shop.

Are you a fly-in-fly-out shopper or more of a got my list, got my bags, let's go and enjoy the day type of gal

I have generally got my circuit down to 30 minutes but if I have time or bring a friend, I enjoy a bit of a wander and take time to sit on the grass and enjoy one of the Vegetarian South American corn flour pockets....they are outstanding!

What is one thing you simply can't not buy each market and why

I am completely addicted to the cherry tomatoes sold by Mithu and buy three buckets each week!  He tells me I haven't tasted anything until I've tasted his summer tomatoes but I cannot believe they could be improved upon!

Why do you think these markets are not just popular amongst locals, but the die-hards who are known to travel long distances simply to get their weekly organic fix

I chatted to a man at the markets recently who comes up every Saturday from Wollongong and I thought travelling from the north side was a good effort!

Having visited many of Sydney's produce markets but having settled on Orange Grove as my regular, I think it must be a combination of the range of the organic produce, the price point and the friendly vibe of vendors and customers that make Saturday mornings a highlight of the week for people far and wide.

When I compare the task of spending an hour doing groceries at the local shopping centres versus getting the same result with better produce at Orange Grove's a no brainer!

If you had to sum up Orange Grove Markets in 5 words, what would they be

Best start to the weekend


The proof as they says is in the pudding, and this is Amy's organic stash!

We love that she loves Orange Grove and we love even more that she comes from the north side our glorious Harbour to stock up her fridge with some of THE best produce to be had!

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