Monday, 27 May 2013

Sharing the OGM love with Simone Bye

What is is that you love about Orange Grove Markets?

This really made me think as I am an avid market shopper, and now I am trying to pin down why I prefer Orange Grove to others.  

It really that it ticks all the boxes for me. I prefer to buy organic/pesticide & chemical free/free range produce, and this market has a fabulous array of stalls, a lot of quality producers and a lot of choice.

Some of the other markets I have been to may only have one organic fruit & vegetable stand, Orange Grove has heaps and same goes for other produce as well.

So in essence, it's the range and quality of produce that keeps me coming back most weekends to do the bulk of my weekly shopping.  (I just with that the nut and coconut stalls from Marrickville Markets would come here too, then I really could get it all in one place!)

I also love the fact that the non-food stalls are mostly ethical, sustainable, crafty non-commercial products, and that often the maker as the person running the stall!

Do you have a particular favourite trader?

Difficult question!  

I love the lettuce mix and mushrooms at the Darlings Mills stall.  My husband and I eat an enormous amount of salad and sometimes the stallholder comments on how much lettuce I buy!  It is beautiful fresh produce & keeps easily in the fridge for a week.  They have a beautiful Asian greens mix which is lovely in winter salads.

I can't not go to the markets and not get some flowers from one of the fabulous flower stalls, and their prices are great too.  I am loving the decorative kale & the hyacinths at the moment.

From the Free Range Butcher I absolutely love their gluten/grain free & preservative free sausages and normally get four packets at a time!  At the moment smoked ham-hocks are a favourite for my slow cooked soup.

You must loving cooking!  What is your latest favourite recipe using produce bought from our markets?

I cook all the time and most of the produce I use is bought from OG, but I rarely follow a recipe.  I don't eat grains/legumes or processed foods, so most of what I do cook are soups, stews and good old meat with 3 (or 4 or 5!) veg, mainly with organic ingredients and lots of herbs & spices.

A recent meal was pastured pork loin cutlets with rosemary sea salt, roasted Jerusalem artichokes, roast fennel, sauteed baby potato, spring onions & baby squash.

Do many of your friends come to Orange Grove Markets?

I'm trying to get more and more to come, but they don't seem to want to join me for the 8am start!  I've learned from experience that if you don't get there early, some of my favourite foods are sold out!

I do buy a tray of eggs and pastured bacon for my cousin as well.

If you could sum up in 5 words about why more people should come to Orange Grove Markets, what would they be?

Something fresh, fabulous and delicious for everyone!


We would like to thank Simone for sharing some time and photos with us and being a HUGE supporter of our markets!  

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